French Broad Chocolate - Guatemala 73%

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Dark chocolate - Handcrafted in Nashville, North Carolina

Organic Ingredients: cacao, sugar, single-origin cacao butter.

The story of Dan & Jael is very interesting. They started with a cafe in Costa Rica "Bread and Chocolate" where they discovered their truly passion: cacao beans and bean to bar chocolate. So they decided to sell their business to Tom Franklin, one of their cooks and they moved to Asheville in North Carolina with their son Sam to start the new project. Meanwhile, they had another son, Max. In 2012 French Broad Chocolate Factory and Tasting Room became a reality. Finally, they fulfilled their dream of being bean to bar chocolate maker.

About this bar, they sourced the cacao beans from a Village in Rocja Pomtila in northern Guatemala. Their cacao has only become available thanks to an amazing organization, UNCOMMON CACAO: their mission is to create a sustainable cacao industry in which farmers and makers thrive together.

Now if you don`t know Guatemala is also called "the birthplace of cacao".

This bar is very good. Dark brown color. Nice snap. Not too creamy but it has an abundant melting mouth feeling. At first, you can taste the natural almond butter sweetness and then the fudgy brownie flavor followed by concord grape jelly notes. It has a chocolate finish but a long slightly concord grape tart/musky aroma.

“At the very end the typical sourness of the guatemalan cacao bean shows up and remain for a long time while the chocolate aroma with some leather scents still evaporates from your hands to your nose to your brain. While the guatemalan cacao sticks into your mind and disappear, the sourness of the cacao beans will reach the center of your heart as a shadow.”

Magical yet modern tasting experience: BRAVO!