SPECIAL RELEASE - LIMITED TO ONLY 250 BARS made exclusively for The Chocolate Bar NZ

Single Origin Anamalai Estate India Cacao Beans

MANUKA SMOKE ‘PROGRESS REPORT’: a multi-awarded single malt whisky made from 100% New Zealand`s malted barley, smoked using Manuka wood and distilled through a hand-beaten copper pot still. Silver New Zealand Whisky Awards 2018 - Silver Outstanding medal winner IWSC UK 2017 - Gold Medal winner San Francisco World Spirit Competition 2016

Ingredients: cacao beans, organic cane sugar, Thomson Manuka Smoke Single Malt Whisky

Anamalai Estate is located in the scenic Anamalai foothills, near the town of Pollachi in Tamil Nadu state, adjacent to the Western Ghats, an ancient mountain range starting at the southwest of India. The region is famous throughout India for its high-quality coconuts, with the growth of cacao a recent development, pioneered by Harish Manoj and Karthi Palaniswamy, who own and operate Anamalai Estate. The Estate is made up of four plots joined by a central farmhouse. The plots are interplanted with cacao, coconut, nutmeg, and pepper to diversify and keep the land healthy. Once the pods are harvested they are taken to the farmhouse and patio for cracking, fermenting, and drying. The cacao is fermented in 5 tiers of wood boxes and sun-dried on raised beds. Harish and Karthi manage their water use with drip irrigation and keep a small herd of cows to help with the weeding and manure compost. All their cultivation decisions are made on-site using principles of permaculture and aquaponics, as well as Korean natural farming techniques.

This chocolate celebrates an unquenchable passion for flavor. Anamalai Estate, Tamil Nadu, India delivers intertwined layers of exotic spice, intoxicating night blossoms, and a lingering citrus tang, and it is the perfect partner for this first-ever flavor-infused Foundry bar. Thomson`s Manuka Smoke Whisky imparts a subdued and lingering wood smoke over brightly layered citrus, mellow whisky notes, and a subtle hint of molasses. This is a chocolate that will take your senses on an unforgettable journey.

Shiny and homogeneous on the surface

Brown color *****

Aroma: oak wood, spices

Mouthfeel: warm

Texture: creamy

Snap: *****

Structure/Hardness: ****

Texture: *******

Roundness: ********

Sweetness: *****

Aromatic finesse: ********

Acidity: ****

Astringency: ****


Intensity: ********

Complexity: ********

Length/Aftertaste: ********

Flavor profile: this is probably the best Whisky Inclusion bar I have ever tried. It represents a masterpiece of subtlety. My first impression is dried figs in liquor (grappa) supervised by the acidity very reminiscent of coconut water and green banana always played in the key of chocolaty and reinvigorated by the quite distinctive "MANUKA SMOKE ‘PROGRESS REPORT" Thomson Whiskey offering manuka oils interlaced with nutty nodes, oak wood and vanilla hints on the palate, smoky spiciness (nutmeg, cinnamon), cumin`s warm-earthy-peppery undertones, tangy freshness (coriander, lime thyme), ashy-burned finish on the tongue (peppery-like). In the aftertaste, it preserves a medium sweetness, lasting taste, and a slight honey-nutty base with a spicy-citrus tang.

I am amazed and astonished that we can experience a "work of art" of this scale that two different teams - a New Zealand`s champion chocolate maker and a New Zealand`s champion whisky distiller - have managed to achieve without any boundaries for the palate. Both Foundry and Thomson picked up the top awards in their fields in 2020, to combine their powers of production in one incredible bar. Chapeau!

Values expressed in stars from 1 to 8. If the bar is extraordinarily close to perfection, I can go up to 10.