Fossa Chocolate Maker in collaboration with Pekoe & Imp

Ingredients: cacao, cane sugar, cocoa butter, tea leaves

Liu Bao is a fermented tea traditionally from Wuzhou, Guangxi Province. This lot made in Spring 2011 from a blend of Yunnan leaves and local Wuzhou Guiqing middle-sized leaf cultivar was fermented, steamed, and pressed into their iconic large bamboo baskets to be air-dried for several months and then aged till today.

Enjoy the aged tea’s iconic woody and nutty flavors along with a jasmine finish brought by Ecuadorian Costa Esmeraldas cacao used in this dark chocolate.

Not really shiny and homogeneous on the surface

Brown color very dark *******

Aroma: very floral and chocolatey, "betel nut"

Mouthfeel: warm

Texture: creamy

Snap: good *****

Structure/Hardness: ***

Texture: *****

Roundness: *****

Sweetness: ****

Aromatic finesse: *****



Bitterness: **

Intensity: ****

Complexity: ****

Length/Aftertaste: ******

Flavor profile: lightly nutty (sweet hazelnut, honey-sweetened almond milk), and from beginning till the end, the tea inclusion adds a "therapeutic" earthy-vegetal/bitter-tannic background imprinting the finish with a persistent floral-tea mouthfeel reminding jasmine green tea.

Now, I noticed something very peculiar: the aftertaste is the focal point of the experience that makes this bar unique in its kind revealing the specific character of the "flavor integration" and producing a deep feeling of relaxation. Think about ash-water, sour-cereal, betel-nut mouthfeel.

The "exploring" of hidden undertones, such as moist wood, allows an individual to precisely appreciate the curated tasting experience in a moment of emotional tranquility to the point to which one desires to accept recourse extraordinary treatment. And for this purpose, it is absolutely necessary to savor slowly each bite, maybe on a rainy day!

Values expressed in stars from 1 to 8. If the bar is extraordinarily close to perfection, I can go up to 10.