Ingredients: cacao, cane sugar, sake kasu (rice, koji)

Tasting notes: umami and fruity with subtle sake aroma

This limited release Fossa chocolate bar is a collaboration with artisan sake curator - KuroKura. Made with sake kasu sourced from two craft breweries, this is delicious and pretty chocolate to savor.

The white kasu comes from the Chiyo brewery in Nara prefecture where master brewer Tetsuya Sakai is on a never-ending quest to unlock more secrets from his rice and find even better ways to use the local water.

The red kasu comes from the brewing of Inemankai, a one-of-a-kind sake by the Mukai brewery using a strain of red rice that grows in the master brewer’s hometown of Ine in rural Kyoto.

Shiny and homogeneous on the surface

Brown color *****

Aroma: chocolate brownie, savory smell as a result of the koji (used in sake production to convert the rich starches into sugar for fermentation), faint fruitness

Mouthfeel: warm

Texture: creamy with chewy bites

Snap: sharp ******

Structure/Hardness: ****

Texture: ******

Roundness: ********

Sweetness: *****

Aromatic finesse: *******

Acidity: ***

Astringency: ***

Bitterness: **

Intensity: *******

Complexity: ********

Length/Aftertaste: ********

In general, sake is a fermented beverage also called "rice wine" and usually made with steamed rice, koji, water, and yeast. But it is not like wine.

Flavor profile: chocolate brownie, caramel, hints of fenugreek maple essence and slightly burnt-brown sugar undertones, earthy-savory background (umami). The intensity of sake kasu bites melts in the mouth with graceful, colored touches of fruity, spicy, and smoky notes that almost remind me of the vodka flavor in the end with some differences in terms of taste and burning-astringent aftertaste. I have to admit that the inclusion certainly pleases the palate with an irrefutable level of quality.

The mouthfeel is fantastic reminiscent of some dry white wine too with a full-bodied yet clean taste: mildly sweet, complex acidity, subtle fruitiness as melon, floral undertones, savory-umami finesse, balanced astringency, vodka-like finish, herbaceous accents as dry mint, and somehow everything leads to a warm-bright ginger and star anise lingering aftertaste revealing a crispy green apple touch on the tip of the tongue. It is more on the juicy-sweet side than the dry one that is for sure. Resolutely innovative, the tasting experience is highly original and exotic.

Values expressed in stars from 1 to 8. If the bar is extraordinarily close to perfection, I can go up to 10.