Tea chocolate made in collaboration chocolate with rare tea curator - Pekoe & Imp

International Chocolate Awards Asia-Pacific 2019 Gold

Ingredients: organic cacao beans, cane sugar, natural cacao butter, milk powder, tea leaves.

Flavor profile: lingering lychee sweetness with a biscuity undertone.

Maker`s description:

Mi Lan Xiang (Honey Orchid) is a dancong tea cultivated in the Phoenix Mountain of Guangdong Province. This lot was hand-harvested from Zhen Ya village in Spring 2010. Made into a Hongcha (western black tea) and further aged for eight years, this tea is incredibly smooth and creamy with very low astringence. It has a characteristic lychee fragrance and red date sweetness. Complemented by the biscuity Kokoa Kamili cacao from Tanzania, it is a delicious bar to be slowly savored.

You know what? I am really enjoying this special Fossa Tea Chocolate Collection made in collaboration with Pekoe & Imp.

For many people, the only problem could be the milk inclusion or the sugary taste. I can`t deny the sweetness but there is no evidence of the cacao percentage content. So let`s just leave a question mark on it and let`s proceed with the evaluation of the flavor profile.

The brown color is very intense with a completely matt finish appearance. Nice snap. The aroma is unmistakable and self-explanatory: a dreamy place with own tastes, history and traditions. Fresh juicy mouthfeel. The texture is not really smooth and lightly coarse.

The taste has a great character, flourishing youthful tannins that are neither aggressive nor dry out. The naturally sweet-nutty-floral oolong tea mouthwatering immediate splash on the tongue will conquer you at the first bite. Then the rapid evolution of dairy caramel notes it has a diminishing overall spin-off effect before introducing an incredible softness and exotic lychee fruit complexity. Less intrusive than I thought, supplemented by majestic mild tea notes and accentuated by a priceless morsel of Panna vanilla-scented and crisp doughnut-shaped cookies known in Italy as "Macine".

In general, it presents a good concentration on the mid-palate and a lingering aftertaste as rewarding. Actually, I think Fossa is wondering whether you`d care to take a cup of tea with them!

Once I read somewhere: human nature, that is to say, our human nature is much more created than discovered. And this bean to bar chocolate maker from Singapore has been showing me the ability to assist and accommodate the attentive needs of refined palates!