LIMITED EDITION FOSSA FLAVORED CHOCOLATE - Enjoy the delicate floral and fruity flavors of this cascara chocolate made in collaboration with PPP Coffee.

Ingredients: Cocoa butter, cane sugar, cacao, cascara

Tasting notes: Hibiscus, Raisins, Honey Sweetness

Cascara, meaning ‘husk’ in Spanish, is the skin of the coffee cherry, which is usually discarded after the cherries are washed and dried. It is also a way of recycling leftover coffee pulp to create the base for a unique and refreshing tea.

Shiny and homogeneous on the surface

Brown color ****

Aroma: gentle coffee scents, fresh tobacco, honey distinctive nuances

Mouthfeel: warm

Texture: very creamy. It melts instantly. An effect that can be described as "molten chocolate"

Snap: ****

Structure/Hardness: ****

Texture: ******

Roundness: ******

Sweetness: *****

Aromatic finesse: ****** (for originality)

Acidity: ***

Astringency: **


Intensity: *****

Complexity: ******

Length/Aftertaste: ******

Flavor profile: first warm delicious impression on the palate that slowly develops intense tasting notes as dried sweetened cranberries, raisins, hibiscus tea sophistication analogous to rosehip taste that just as hibiscus flower imparts a complex tanginess, treacly honey to delight your sweet cravings that help to enhance the lingering fruity-coffee undertones in the medium palate. Cherries final notes with a gentle fizzy-like cheerfulness and fruit loop aftertaste will mark the completion of this handcrafted work. In conclusion, the mouthfeel, for texture and flavor, reminds me a lot of frothy mocha buttercream.

I find it very interesting and comparable to the latest high gastronomy trends that are keen to avoid food wastage through better use of the raw materials crafting special recipes with uncommon ingredients as vegetables` skins or, in this case, coffee husks.

Again, Fossa Chocolate demonstrates a clear-sightedness, precision, and competence regarding specialty Tea Chocolate bars.

Ps: coffee cherry tea or Cascara tea is an herbal infusion - commonly consumed in Ethiopia, Bolivia, Yemen - prepared from the dried “cherries” (berries) of the coffee plant. We talk about a "fruit tisane" with a mild fruity flavor ranging from watermelon, floral as hibiscus, cherry, mango, plum, honey, rosehip.

Values expressed in stars from 1 to 8. If the bar is extraordinarily close to perfection, I can go up to 10.