Firstly, let me guide you throughout the interesting journey of this bean to bar chocolate maker.

It started back in 2009 with the VIETCACAO association project with the aim of the professional integration of young people with disabilities throughout the development of Vietnam cacao under the structure of an Employment Assistance Center. A fermentation station and a cocoa drying area were then built in a school for young disabled people in the city of Ben Tre in southern Vietnam simultaneously. In 2010, 500 kg of cocoa beans were produced which made it possible to produce 40% milk chocolate and 70% dark couverture for the chocolatiers, in collaboration with Chocolaterie A. Morin in Donzère. After that, the enthusiasm for this new origin spread rapidly through France and Europe allowing the Stengel family to establish their business in Vietnam with the possibility to hire full-time people dedicated to post-harvest cocoa work. But it was in 2013 that ERITHAJ was created in Strasbourg by Arnaud Stengel. Vietcacao is naturally integrated into the process to fully promote the sector from waffle to chocolate bar, both among chocolate lovers and catering professionals. Then, in March 2017, the ERITHAJ store, located at 6 rue Brûlée in Strasbourg, opened its doors to Strasbourg residents to showcase its collection of cocoa products and various raw materials from Vietnam.

About Arnaud Stengel, he became so passionate about the chocolate world and cacao cultivation at a very young age thanks to his father, André Stengel. In 2013, he asked Christophe Meyer (Pâtisserie Christian), renowned artisan chocolate manufacturer in Strasbourg and Jérôme Kuster Chocolatier in Vendenheim, to train him in chocolate making to hone his know-how and perfect his knowledge. Learn to work chocolate in an artisanal way where a preponderant place is given to taste, texture, and materials.

Then, in the continuity of this family heritage, he in turn decided to put his signature in the world of chocolate, creating ERITHAJ. He chose to get involved in the origin of his chocolates by promoting a direct relationship with the families of the planters.

Maker`s description:

The pods are selected exclusively from a plantation owned by a Christian church located in the Cho Lach district. Founded in 1919 by the French missionary Father BOISMÉRY, the church is surrounded by lush vegetation made up of a variety of botanical and fruit crops, including cocoa. The plantation, which is located behind the building, is cared for by the parish community and stands out for its biodiversity and its vast extension. Once the pods have been collected, we proceed to pod directly on the cocoa plant to collect the pulp which will then be delivered to our fermentation station.

Mild brown color. Hard snap. Warm mouthfeel with a cooling (fruity) touch background.

The spicy and smokey sweet flavors inaugurate the tasting experience distinguished by juicy brown fruits "glossy" quality. Slightly grain texture and astringency.

Erithaj Chocolat is an impeccable "orchestra" conductor, recounts the flavors of the Vietnam cacao, a hymn to the culture of this enchanting corner of the world, and to its hard-working farmers offering a breathtaking view on how to perform Vietnam Chocolate at its best.

To tell you the truth, I have enjoyed every bite of the "culinary palette" of this dark chocolate bar.