Premier Cru Superieur

Single Origin Peruvian Nacional 72% cacao

Ingredients: organic Peruvian Pure Nacional Cacao (cocoa mass 72%, cane sugar, cocoa butter), Peruvian Pure Nacional cacao nibs.

This bar is made with hand-selected Peruvian Nacional cacao beans.

Christopher Curtin selects the top 5% of one of the rarest, harvested and most prized cacao crops in the world. A percentage of the proceeds will go directly back to the farmers to help maintain the already established Peruvian Rice Hull Stove Project.

This is absolutely one of my favorite dark chocolate bars. Perhaps it's because I love the taste and crunchiness of cacao nibs in both their pure and caramelized forms. Together, I think they create the perfect inclusion. It is even better when the bar and nibs are of the same cacao origin/variety as it further enhances the tasting experience. The packaging, mold, vibrant brown color, snap, aroma, texture, and finish are a majestic example of what dark chocolate should be. The snap is sharp around the edges. The aroma suggests a rich, nutty hot chocolate, and the flavor does not disappoint. Intense nutty, floral, grass, molasses, and finally, bitter notes. Many people dislike cacao nibs, and that's understandable. I, however, enjoy their web of unsweetened dark chocolate and firm, chewy textural elements. They're quite reminiscent of coffee beans. In this case, the nibs introduce complexity to a simple yet elegant chocolate backdrop. They are like precious stones on the crown of a king and the purity of the chocolate soul. The finish is simple - picture classic hot chocolate with sweet cocoa and tobacco undertones dancing all over the palate. Imagine lemony notes on the tip of the tongue and a bold, sour astringency at the bottom of the throat. Terrific job!