Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Academy of Chocolate award GOLD winner 2011

Ingredients: criollo cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, and sunflower lecithin*

Directly trade Xoco beans which are very small and hard to work.

Duffy`s started to work with Xoco and their cacao beans in 2011.

Nice snap. Cool mouth feeling. Gentle, aromatic, and sweet palate.

Rich and smooth cocoa flavor. Fruit, floral, and coffee scents.

The tasting experience starts with raisin, candied orange, and sugary currants flavors followed by subtle vanilla honey notes. The finish is driven by Agalta coffee aroma: tropical fruits, caramel, and sweet chocolate aftertaste.

Often I have to taste several chocolate bites to reach the message of the chocolate maker and to discover something new. But this bar follows exactly the label tasting notes which are ok but not challenging for me.

*Before I purchase a chocolate bar, I always read the ingredients list. I guess I missed this time.