Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Ingredients: pate de cacao,sucre, beurre de cacao.

Cacao Origin: Congo

Feves exotiques, Fabrication et savior-faire Belge.

Didier Smeets chocolatier is a bean to bar chocolate maker located in Belgium.

I have to opportunity to taste one of his bar thanks to a good friend of mine, Genevieve.

During a swap, she sent to me some interesting belgian makers as Didier Smeets.

About these two bars: the "Mi belong Papua Niugini" is my son favorite and the "Kongo ata Kale" is mine.

The Papua New Guinea cacao origin milk chocolate contains 35% cacao.

The snap is soft as the texture. The taste makes me think about "smoky salted caramel brulee"!

The R. D. CONGO 70% dark chocolate has an hard snap and dark brown color. The mold is very stylish with all the lines and the signature. It has a kind of grainy texture like you can taste the sugar crystals. Floral and very light woody scents. The mouthfeeling is perfectly balanced between refreshing honey undertones and tobacco warm aroma. This bar has mocha and deep roasted notes. It is slightly nutty and an impressive tobacco flavor profile with an high smoke point! To give you a better idea, it is like they use "tobacco" as spice in chocolate which is very common for some modern cooking techniques. The finish is sweet, earthy, resinous and let me tell you more: IT IS ADDICTING!

Just think about a chocolate mousse infused with pipe tobacco.

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