Ingredients: organic cacao, organic cane sugar, organic cacao butter, bourbon whiskey

Cacao Origin: Maya Mountain Belize from the Toledo district

Maker`s description:

Beginning with the highest quality certified heirloom cacao from Belize, we set out to create a chocolate bar unlike anything else in our line. We began by aging cocoa nibs in Alchemy Distillery's straight bourbon whiskey barrels for five months. Once fully aged we use these delicious nibs to create a 70% dark chocolate bar adding only cocoa butter and cane sugar. The resulting bar is amazingly robust and complex with a pronounced oak and bourbon flavors. A true one of a kind tasting experience.

Every time I read "whiskey" I think I am not going to like it. But Dick Taylor just came up with another story! I have no reason to say something tastes amazing unless it really does.

On this occasion, I committed a sinful tasting experience in different ways as showing in the following tables:

  • the sin of gluttony for real connoisseurs: devouring two bars in two days,

  • excessive indulgence: the luxurious creaminess is a treat for every palate too tempting to resist.

The bar has an impeccable look as a modern man prepared for any eventuality. The nose has a sweet aroma, with notes of flowers, vanilla, caramel, oak, and chocolate. The Belize 72% dark chocolate acquires an exceptional flavor owing to the environment in which the cacao nibs are aged. The Bourbon straight barrel whiskey acts as a filter that changes the mouthfeel.

My determination weakens every time I think about munching one square, hearing the snap, and getting that first taste of tart cherry that creates a unique fruity sweet first impression on the palate preparing the taster for entry into the corresponding gustatory sensations: a velvety hart of creamy chocolate hidden in a rich oak-bourbon spectrum.

I believe this startling creation is meant to impress with a persistent chocolate whiskey aftertaste at the bottom of your throat. The aim seems to drink oneself unconscious in as little time as possible without getting drunk.

What else to say... Every vice is like water on fire! And trust me, it will break upon your inner fortress like water on rock. You can`t just stop.

Special pairing recommendation, BERINGER BROTHERS BOURBON BARREL AGED CABERNET SAUVIGNON - 60 days in American Oak Bourbon barrels.

Thank you Brianne to send me this sample among other goodies to review and to let me discover my favorite Dick Taylor bar.