Dick Taylor Straight Bourbon Whiskey Dark 70%

Organic Ingredients: cacao, cane sugar, cocoa butter, Bourbon Whiskey

For the third release in their Barrel-Aged Chocolate line, Dick Taylor turned to their friends from artisan craft distillery, Alchemy Distillery. Using heavy-char new American oak barrels from their three years aged 'Straight Bourbon Whiskey', DT fills and ages the highest quality certified heirloom cacao from Belize for six months. The dry-aging process allows the cocoa nibs to absorb the aroma and flavor of the barrel and the spirit. Once fully aged, they use these delicious nibs to handcraft a 70% dark chocolate bar by adding only cocoa butter and cane sugar. The finished chocolate bar is sweet with complex and pronounced oak and bourbon flavors.

Shiny and homogeneous on the surface

Brown color *****

Aroma: fermented fruit, marzipan, vanilla, chocolatey bourbon whiskey

Mouthfeel: warm

Texture: creamy

Snap: good

Structure/Hardness: ******

Texture: ****

Roundness: ********

Sweetness: ***

Aromatic finesse: *****

Acidity: *

Astringency: *

Bitterness: *

Intensity: ****

Complexity: ****

Length/Aftertaste: ****

Flavor profile

However the mouthfeel is very delicate, it returns to us the impression on the palate of completeness in terms of bourbon whiskey flavor. Unlike other similar tasting experiences, this combination takes a lot of compromise on the part of the cocoa beans origin. Indeed, we have a solid flowery background such as hibiscus (it is sweetly-tart but yet not cranberry-like) with a hint of jasmine; then it develops an "infused" clean green tea undertone: infused because it is mixed with realistic whiskey base and clean because it will clear the palate in the aftertaste, and Dick Taylor, particularly, I believe, really shined in this.

In any case, I also have noticed a slight citrusy undertone (candied orange), earthy caramel notes, a layer of candy corn, and a touch of oak and black pepper.

In the end, it is very harmonious and well-balanced, not really complex or intense, with a very short aftertaste. I actually love it and it all depends on what a taster is looking for. Surely, there are more intricate aged options on the market such as Ritual, Harper Macaw, or their previous edition but sometimes the beauty lies in the simplicity.

I honestly recommend this bar for those following new gustatory itineraries without forsaking the customary single-origin way of taste. In doing so, these newcomers can become more deeply conscious of the development in the craft chocolate production community.

Please, visit the mysterious underground labyrinth of tasting notes and aromas of two different worlds in this singular way and get ready for a real adventure.

Values expressed in stars from 1 to 8. If the bar is extraordinarily close to perfection, I can go up to 10.