Ingredients: chocolate (cacao*, cane sugar*, cacao butter*), pecans*, maple syrup*, bourbon, orange essential oil.

Maker`s description:

This unique bar faithfully captures one of our favorite aspects of the holiday season: pie! Or to be more specific, our family`s unforgettable recipe of orange bourbon pecan pie! For this holiday bar, bourbon-soaked pecans are candied with maple syrup and orange and paired with 65% Belize dark chocolate. Happy holidays from all of us at Dick Taylor!

Let me tell you something, the renewed Orange Bourbon Pecan 65% is certainly a direct hit.

This time, Dick Taylor did not fail to meet my expectations. It might seem less fancy compared to the last year, but it has gained much more flavor and the texture is on point. Truly representative of the holiday pie in every aspect.

Good snap. Medium brown color. Creamy-crumble texture (like a pie!).

Cozy and coolish mouth feel.

The aroma is driven by flavored chocolate notes and pecan scents. The palate is dominated by a sweet spike of caramelized maple followed by the strength of orange-bourbon tasting notes covering the entire palate with a shot of spirits-like sensation.

About the aftertaste, when beyond the last bite nothing subsists, just the most fragile but strong, the most immaterial, the most persistent, and the most faithful fragrance and taste remain.

I wish I could only go on to portray the sublime grandeur and the exquisite achievement of one of the headquarters of the chocolate world!

Thank you, Brianne and all the Dick Taylor`s family for gifting me this bar.