Ingredients: organic cacao beans, organic sugar, cacao butter.

Maker`s description:

All our chocolates are handcrafted and each bar receives our full attention. Like all handmade products, some bars may appear "imperfect", but they are all equally delicious! This is a special single origin with a complex flavor profile. Notes you might taste: nutty and fruity.

Keeping up with Dar Chocolate, I would like to introduce into the conversation a "lucid" presentation of Peruvian cacao.

Sharp snap. The sculpting texture - resembling dark chocolate made without cacao butter - reinforces the glaring fruity/citrusy effect on the palate. In the beginning, it is just a sensory journey of "water chocolate dessert" that makes you think you had a good start but in the wrong direction. But with the onset of the citrusy and slightly sour undertones* in the arena, the tasting experience becomes quite targeted: lemon curd tart or "Delizia al Limone"!

A pure holiday in the name of naturalness, feeling good about yourself and the environment, and this is the goal of every passionate people. After being shrouded in an intense and concise citrusy slick, the palate is soft, tasty, and velvety with a long lingering finish with notes of citrus.

BloomArt #37 representing "A return of batman":

Thank you again, Gila. I really enjoyed this tasting experience!

*more pronounced with coffee.