Updated: Mar 26, 2020

66% dark chocolate with ethiopian sidamo coffee and essential oil of lemon.

FANTASTIC! It changed my mind about dark chocolate and coffee inclusion. I`m almost speechless. Now let`s talk about it :)

The jasmine flower and bergamot coffee scents of this bar are very tempting complemented by the light refreshing sweet nuance of the lemon oil. The snap is sharp. The texture is coarse yet light. It literally dissolves in your mouth.

The tasting experience starts with a layer of chocolate flavor paired with a superb coffee aftertaste. At the end the lemon oil unleashes a lingering clean sweet citrus aroma.

"Imagine a vegan espresso dark chocolate sorbet with a nice touch of lemon caramel sauce!"

NB: the Ethiopian Sidamo coffee is wet processed. It`s one of a kind with an inimitable aroma: delicate, floral and low acidity.

NB: no dairy aftertaste.

Paul John Kearins showed us again his brilliant way to combine ingredients so different from each others always exceeding any expectations.

Question: why I don`t see any Award on this bar? It makes me so sad.