Chapon Nicaragua Chuno 70%

Ingredients: cocoa mass, cocoa butter, cane sugar. Cacao min. 70%

Flavors of wood, dried fruits, nuts, bitter almonds, and/or light tobacco.

Nicaragua is located in Central America, between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean sea.

It is called "the land of lakes and volcanos" for its characteristic landscape. In 2015 was also recognized as 100% fine cocoa origin by the International Cocoa Organization.

Chapon produces this special bar with rare cacao beans sourced from Ingemann Fine Cocoa: a prominent cacao producer and exporter from Nicaragua and a member of the Comision de cacaos de Nicaragua.

About this "tablette noir", we talk about Heirloom cacao distinguished by light brown color and sharp snap on the edges. The aroma is very soft and warm: honey, wood, tobacco scents.

The overall tasting experience is driven by tobacco, honey, and leather notes:

the curtain rises on tobacco, woody, nutty undertones; then the mellow honey aroma closed off by non-invasive leather "temper" comes to the stage showing the faintest hint of sugary dried fruit presence (figs?).

As every Chapon`s bar, the texture is buttery and smooth for the high cocoa butter content softening the chocolate and the sweet profile of each creation.

But unlike other french bean to bar chocolate makers, you can recognize a firmer consistency. Somehow silky too.

Patrice Chapon added a note on this beautiful packaging:

J` aime par-dessus tout trailler le chocolat, et me mefie du mot passion. le chocolate occupe une place de choix dans le paysage gourmand. La tablette incarne le reve de transporter son desir avec soi, dont le carre est le fragment. Avec cette tablette, je cherche bien plus a nourrir les souvenirs d`enfance que les appetits.

My friend Genevieve helped me to translate the chocolatier message:

I love to work with chocolate more than anything else and do not trust the word Passion. Chocolate holds a prominent place in the gourmet scenery. Each bar embodies the dream of carrying your own desire, of which each square is a small fragment. With this bar I am looking to feed my childhood memories more than my appetite.

Ps: to boost "the dormant" honey taste, I recommend a cold hot (dark) cocoa-like drink to complement this bar.