BENNS ETHIOCA - Philippines - Calinan 72% dark

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Single estate artisan chocolate

Ingredients: cacao nibs, cocoa butter, raw cane sugar.

Trinitario beans from Davao, Philippines.

Conche time: 36 hours / Roast: low

This bar is bright. It truly delights your palate. Nice snap. Very soothing and smooth texture. Also cooling mouthfeeling like fresh cream. The nuances reminds me NAIVE dark/milk golden berry (ripped yellow tomato cherry). The honey like fresh flavor gives me almost the same experience of the Georgia Ramon Belize 70%. But it` s completely different.

“Sweet tropical fruits, earthy, nutty. I detect chico fruit caramel aroma with the milk like creamy juice of santo fruit. The finish is a mix of cacao and pomelo.”

Sweet but not too much. Tart but not too much. The more the time pass, the more the light sourness lingering at the bottom of your throat, sweet caramel notes spread out all over your palate and at the end the citrus aroma shows up and remain on the tip of your tongue telling you "goodbye mon cheri". You` re like are you kidding me? No joke. The size of this bar is 32 gr. Overall It is very gentle but with a solid flavor profile. Very distinctive and feminine.

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