Ingredients: organic cocoa beans 42% (Brazil - Fazenda Camboa), organic cane sugar, Piedmont Hazelnut Flour (pressed in the house), cocoa butter, Piedmont Hazelnut.

Handcrafted by David Senk and Leslie Senk.


Cacao origin: Blend

Fazenda Camboa is located in the tropical rainforest in the Bahia region of Brazil where the Carvalho family has been grown cacao beans since 1942.

Arete craft chocolate maker explains that they "are very fortunate to still be able to work with and enjoy these wonderful beans today as the farm was nearly wiped out in the 1990s by Witches’ Broom disease (which destroyed much of Brazil’s cacao industry). Annual production at Fazenda Camboa dropped by over 96% as a result of this devastating disease, but they did not give up and worked with a skilled agronomist who developed a method to save many of the trees that were affected by the disease. A key part of Fazenda Camboa’s journey of recovery was their adoption of organic farming methods. Their single-estate beans are both USDA and Brazil IBD-certified organic".

Based on my research, the Carvalho brothers Arthur and Eduardo have been persevering in their desire to revitalize the cocoa trees infected. They worked very hard achieving excellent results. During the post-harvest process, they adopt the single-variety approach because the Trinitario and Forastero cacao beans require different times of fermentation to express the best flavor profile possible of those varieties.

About the Piedmont Hazelnuts, we (i am Italian) call them "Tonda Gentile della Langa" and they have the best flavor ever: signature rich sweet nutty taste.

I believe Arete did a great job. This tasting experience really touched me and, without realizing it, I finished the whole bar in one sitting.

Milk hazelnut color. The snap was not that soft as I expected. Creamy and cozy texture. The aroma is ample and rotund: delicious creamy choco-nutty mousse scents. It has a soft cool mouthfeel. The Piedmont Hazelnut taste prevails on the other nuances straightened by the crunchy tasty nuts pieces. But in the end, the jasmine tea note of this special cocoa beans appears leveling all the sweet profile of this bar. This is when the magic happens. Something simple becomes very special. Everything is perfect, crowned by a pleasant mild chocolate taste. No fruitness. Just pleasant tannin floral tea finish and a bit of astringency at the bottom of the throat balanced by a clean slightly sweet "gianduioso" palate.

NB: if you like hazelnut inclusion/flavor lover like me, I highly recommend the Arete Gianduia Bar and the Chapon Beni Bolivia 75% with its extraordinary natural hazelnut flavor.