Ingredients: trinitario cacao beans, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter.

Cacao origin: Peru.

Region: Huanuco.

Recently I decided to focus on overseas bean to bar chocolate maker. And today I want to introduce Ara Chocolat based in Paris. It was founded by a Venezuelan couple Andrés and Sabrina. Their chocolate is organic, fair-trade, direct-trade, vegan, gluten-free. During my research, I realized they pay attention to eco-friendly products from the cacao beans (as I said organic) to the packaging (biodegradable).

The first time I tasted this bar I was pleasantly surprised. Finally a good Peruvian bar!

Sharp snap to the edges. Cool mouth feels. Very smooth. Balanced sweetness.

The delicate flavor profile is driven by nutty and slightly spicy notes followed by juicy prune background. The spiciness comes out more towards the end paving the way for revitalizing tartness. Think about the taste of the skin of a yellow prune!

To be more specific, I want to add a few tasting notes as almonds, mirabelle prunes, acacia honey, and a blend of spices.