Chocolate that loves you back! Created and designed by Red Thalhammer, Founder, Creative Director, and CEO.


Happiness is an unexpected piece of chocolate and here I have many options to cure my bad days. Forget love, I would rather to fall in chocolate!

This time I would like to begin by saying a sincere thank you to Antidote Chocolate for these chocolaty goodnesses: Rose Salt & Lemon 77%, Orange & Early Grey 70%, Banana Crisp & Cayenne 77%, Raw Cacao 100% with bits of dates.

Before we dive into tasting notes, I would like to give you a better understanding of this chocolate maker based on Red information:

Antidote is exquisite, mood, and energy-boosting chocolate. We make chocolate with sustainable sourcing and refined formulas. It is a nourish power superfood treat: an Antidote to get you through the day positevely effecting your state of mind. Why? It is loaded with the finest flavor Arriba Nacional cacao. It is rich in cacao, low in sugar, and guilty free. Amazing flavor combos with real ingredients. Sustainably made in Ecuador, the birthplace of cacao. Beautiful packaging - gifts ready for any occasion. Chosolate that feels light yet satisfying.

The 5 A`s of Antidote spell out why more than your tastebuds benefit:

  1. Anti-stress;

  2. Antioxidant;

  3. Appetite-suppressant;

  4. Aphrodisiac;

  5. Antidepressant.

The first thing you would notice is the very soft floral aroma and despite the high dark profile, the bitterness is very subtle except for the 100% option. This result is likely due to the slow-roasted cacao approach and the Arriba Nacional Ecuador choice.

Regarding the palate, my favorite is the Banana Crisp & Cayenne 77%: sweet banana scents, warm-flavorful-fudge-creamy mouthfeel with the right amount of heat to brighten everything up!

The other bars have pleasantly surprised me for being totally harmonious on a creative level, without losing the stylistic fidelity in each piece:

  • the lovely Orange & Earl Grey 70% reminds me of some typical South Italy pastries flavored with orange flower extract. The early grey tea - black tea infused with the essence of bergamot - pairs perfectly with the orange peel and chocolate background;

  • the Rose Salt and Lemon 77% carries out such a delicate, not accidental but meticulously prepared and carefully blended flavor, moving from fresh floral nuances to a tartly delicious flavored salt finish;

  • the raw 100% cacao with bits of dates has a pristine minimal look that matches the genuine sensory experience especially when it can boast of selected raw materials. The "wild method" established itself in clear opposition with the moist fruit-forward dates flavorsome accompaniment.

Sunflower lecithin could be the only downside to many people. But also if it is not in line with the standards of many other parties of the sectors, I still think Antidote is a rational choice in many whole food stores with a wide range of possibilities!