Small Batch Dark Chocolate 70% cacao - Signature Edition

Cacao Origin: Venezuela

Cacao Variety: Criollo

Fairly Trade with the farmer

Photography by chocolate maker Art Pollard

Ingredients: cocoa beans, pure cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole vanilla beans.

Cuyagua is a little village located on the Caribbean coast of Venezuela in a valley along the Cuyagua River. The rare cacao beans from this plantation are one of the most prized in the world. Art Polland was humbled and excited to make chocolate with this special variety.

One of the cocoa farmers said about this bar:

"This chocolate is like a river. It takes you on a journey of flavor and it goes to all these wild and wonderful places. It goes on and on like a river".

Hard snap and smooth texture. Warm mouthfeel. Singular spicy taste: tons of clove and slightly cinnamon flavor. Clove is a pungent warm spice with a bitter astringent finish. The soft cantaloupe ice cream-like undertones help to balance the tasting profile but, for sure,

it is not something anyone can appreciate.

I am certainly impressed by its complexity but it does not match my preferences.

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