Hi, my name is Caterina. I`ve lived in Italy all my life until September 2018 when I moved here to United States.

I have always had a strong passion for chocolate. I begin my exploration with raw cacao alternative as dark bars and special treats.  At the time, Vivoo and Cacao Crudo were my favorites. Then I discovered other majors italian producers as Amedei and Domori. And since that moment, my heart was completely stolen. 

As I arrived in my new home, things have changed dramatically for the best.

A great fortune bestowed upon me when gradually I learned that United States has more choices to explore and to endure.

It is a blessing that I have had opportunities to enjoy different cultures from different parts of the world and their single origin cacao varieties.

​Everything you read on this blog is purely honest. I exercise candor in which all my reviews will not be bias.


Why the name “The Chocolate Ambassador" was chosen, I have been asked?

 1. My mother always use to say: "Mi sembri l` ambasciatrice del cioccolato!" It has resonated with me and it holds deep meaning and value.

2. My husband and my sister play an important part of my life and without their support this could not have been possible. A special thanks to Marie and Genevieve for the endearing encouragement for my project. 

Chocolate is my peace of heaven on earth. Often an adventurous and challenging activity.

My chocolate message to you is: 

I`m here

I`m good

I can teleport you wherever you want anytime of the day!